Friday, 15 January 2010

when i can't sleep

I give up trying and write blog posts.

I don't know why I am still up. Dixon is the one who went and drank coffee at midnight.



The papers on Wednesday went...well...special. Heh. I struggled all the way through the Stats one, but Econs went well. Or, at least, I think it went well. It does require a lot of speed writing, though. Let's hope this pans out well. *crosses fingers*

Speaking of crossing fingers, it reminds me. As a kid, I'd always use the expression. But I stayed away from actually crossing my fingers. Why? Because it took to much darn effort to cross them. I needed both hands to successfully cross the two fingers on my hand.

Kind of embarrassing.

But not really. I just thought it was lame. Hah.

ANYWAY, the next exam is next Wednesday. Awesome. This is me pretending not to freak out because it's not like it's a math paper or anything. Yeah. Math. Love math.

I love math the same way I love getting chewed on by hungry alligators.

Yeah. THAT much. I find it hard to believe sometimes, myself. Hah.


Wow am I tired. I feel like I'm not making sense anymore.

Well, I do feel like that a lot of the time.

OH - that reminds me of the conversation we had in the DSA about Stats two and Mechanics one. The usual suspects, Cheryl, Sna and Fiface.

[We already do Stats one. Next sem, we have a choice between doing more difficult Stats OR a different subject, Mechanics.]

We were trying to decide which subject to choose:

Cheryl: Well, I KNOW we get to choose because one of my friends? Yeah, he got to try a week of Stats and a week of Mechanics before he decided.

Fifa: Yeah, but I don't know what to choose. What if it's hard?

Me: Well, I think I've got it figured out. Bear with me here.

Fifa: *looks up but doesn't look convinced I have a good explanation*

Me: Okay, so see, Mechanics one is easier when compared to Mechanics two-

Fifa: Oh, well done. Good job figuring that out.

Me: SHUT. You WAIT. I'm not done! Mechanics one is easier in comparison to Mechanics two, and Stats two IS more difficult than Stats one, BUT Mechanics one is probably around the same difficulty level as Stats two.

Fifa: Okay, yeah, you lost me.

Sna: Actually, that kinda does make sense.

Me: *thows hands up into the air* Thank you!

Cheryl: *bobs head to music she's been listening to the whole time*


Haha. I was so out of breath after that. And my brain hurt.

Well done.

Uh oh. I can hear the mosque. I think that's my cue to book it.

Shouldn't be up this late.


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