Saturday, 16 January 2010


I'm probably listening to the most hilariousest thing ever.



Okay, I KNOW it's not 11:11 right now. But I did catch it today, which was kind of awesome. Catching it has never been anything less than exciting.

Right, for those of you who don't know, 11:11 is the magical time that you're supposed to look out for and wish on. You're not supposed to share your wish with anyone.

Just close your eyes.

Make it.


Sure, it probably doesn't work. But it DOES give you that same sense of childish hope that sometimes, what you wish for isn't that out of your reach.

It's a good feeling. I suggest you go for it the next time you see the four ones appear on your clock. :)


Today, I woke up unnaturally late. That is my fault. I was totally freaked when I opened my phone and what I saw was a flashing '15:03'.

Well done.

And I'm still tired.

Even better.

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