Thursday, 11 March 2010


"You know, you're so careful with me and when you're not; well, it really hurts."


After such an emotionally charged yesterday, today was a nice change.

Today was results day and though I didn't score at all for my math papers, instead of getting upset, my brain switched to 'rational mode'. Though I understand getting upset at this stage, the results weren't particularly unexpected, so there was nothing really to mope about.

After much thought and a discussion with both Ms. C and my mahm, I've decided to drop math as a subject.

You'd think that I'd want to stick it out because I've suffered through most of it already, but we decided that forgoing it is my best option.

I feel okay about it.

I'm off for V weekend (or Celibacy Camp, as the Motley Crew so enjoy calling it) on Saturday morning and I haven't quite worked out my blogging schedule for then.

I'll probably just put a couple of things in queue. Then I don't have to worry about it.





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