Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I'm putting my contacts in while Cheryl brushes her hair for the gazzilionth time. We're talking in front of the mirror.

"I think you have OCD. No, OCCD."

"What's OCCD?"

"Obsessive Compulsive Combing Disorder."


"Well, you have...FAKE EYES!"

Gosh. I laughed so hard I messed up and had to put that eye's contact in again.


Cheryl just bought new earrings. She's so excited, she must put them on right away. We're in the IKANO bathroom.

*puts hand on sinkhole*

"What are you doing?"

"Um, preventing you from being very sad should you be clumsy?"


- a moment later -

*drops earring into the sink*


*picks it up from between my fingers*

"Heh. You really thought I was being unnecessary, huh?"



Adam, trying to tell me a joke:

"What kind of cat do you not want to play cards with?"

"Um. A dead one."


"Okay, that cheats?"



"Can I tell you?"

"Okay. Fine. What?"

"A cheetah!"

I did say 'one that doesn't cheat', so technically, I was right.
But I do want to clarify that everyone should not want to play cards with a dead cat as much as they don't want to play with cheating one.


Me and Sna in Econs this morning:

"Hi Sna."



"You awake yet?"



- couple minutes later-


"How bout now?"

"You know, if you keep doing that, I'll just get used to it."

"No you won't."


*punch* *punch* *punchprodpokepokepokepokesomemore*



Cheryl and I were in with Ms. C's new class to talk about the A-Voice. Ms. C has some variation of the flu.

"Where's my juice?"

"Uh. Not with us."

-we talk about the A-Voice-

"I want my juiceeeeeeeeee."

"No. You have a cough."

"But I neeeeeeed it."

"But you have a cough!"

And WE'RE the ones that make her sick...


You don't need any context for this one to be funny.

Talking to Rach:


The funny part of this story, is that we counted back and realised that I actually might've been.


In other news, I've decided that I'm gonna say 'ayoup' from now on, because 'hello' is getting boring.


Okay. Back to the genius of Larkin.

*pretends not to feel like wanting to throw up*


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