Tuesday, 2 March 2010

of course it's nice hearing your voice everyday

When I wake up after a nap, I squeeze my eyes shut real tight before turning to my side.

That's because a small part of me hopes that when I open them, you'll be there.


I magic swept the whole house just now.

As I did, I began thinking about something. Now, I have talked about this before but not here. It's not that I was hiding it from you guys, just that the situation never arose.

I have a fear of incompetence.

If you know me, you'll know that there are plenty of things I can do. It's not because I'm particularly talented in everything I attempt, but I make enough effort to make sure that I can DO whatever it is relatively well by the end of it. For example, fixing stuff, sewing, other chores. Boring stuff.

But useful stuff.

I've noticed that these things don't really interest me. I know how to do them because I need to know how to do them so I'm not useless.

I'm afraid of being useless.


Cheryl and I rushed like lunatics for our early consults this morning.

Our lecturer is on MC.



On a happier note, when I was talking to Sna yesterday, this happened:

Amanda Shiew: okay enough
Amanda Shiew: i am confused
Husna Qureshi: LOL
Husna Qureshi: i don't see why
Amanda Shiew: Your face
Husna Qureshi: MY FACE
Husna Qureshi: is worshipped by remote african tribes
Amanda Shiew: OMG
Amanda Shiew: *dead*
Amanda Shiew: that is so hilarious i cannot breathe
Amanda Shiew: bai sna
Amanda Shiew: i'm dying
Husna Qureshi: haha
Husna Qureshi: don't get too exited
Husna Qureshi: and please don't die
Husna Qureshi: that would be bad

You can't make this stuff up, man. :)

I'll see you tomorrow.


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