Friday, 26 March 2010

"i loved you best, sid."


Skins is the BLEND.


Hey blog.

My brother's out with his friends at some party, staying the night.
My parents and Adam are at cell.

And I'm sitting on my bed under the sheets in an oversized hoodie and boxers with a Skype chat open with a recent winner of admission to NYU.


Well done, Cheryl.
We're all stoked for you.

I went for lunch with mahm today. Yummers.
I've totally been guzzling this past few days. No idea why. It's like. I'm blending hungry all the time. It's odd.
Like, right now. I'm starving. I had dinner just a couple hours ago. Could probably fit in a whole 'nother round at the moment.

Oh crap.
Just remembered that there is chocolate in the fridge.
*wills self not to go get some*

I've actually had a really decent day.

Hope you're all well.


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