Tuesday, 9 March 2010

omg, dude, you're such a blender

I've decided to dedicate this post to how much I hate the word 'shit'.

Mostly I think it just really sounds bad as a word. There is no way that anyone can say it and continue looking/sounding remotely attractive.

I came to this conclusion today in the middle of the ruckus that is KE. The new intake kids tend to swear after every other word. It's funny. Then annoying. Then stupid. They don't sound educated at all.


In school, I'm trying to insert the word 'blender' into natural conversation because it is much less obscene than any other swear word you can think of.
Because it isn't a swear word.

Cheryl started this during the blender incident with the truck. Haha. Jit had been my accomplice in this task.
So far, we are doing very very well.

I feel like a clever rabbit.

In other news, people really do pay for convenience.
I chose the expensiver (notaword) stuff store over the cheaper option of Shell. It's just across the road. Well, a bit further.

But I couldn't be bothered.


Yesterday, I saved a man from a noodle avalanche.

I was in Jaya Grocer and he was pulling a pack of noodles off the shelf he was alone and carrying a fully loaded basket with his other hand. Whatever he did cased the noodles to fall off and though he caught everything, he couldn't put it back up himself.

I saw this from the opposite side of the aisle and RAN over to him to help him put everything back up.

He thanked me.

I felt like a super hero.



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