Tuesday, 23 February 2010

you're so unbecoming



Because this is my way of being mature around my mother.

Yet this is what I have lying around as evidence otherwise.

She was badgering me because I was acting very very disgruntled that I had to be awake and making grunty sounds. (Because I feel that being disgruntled means that you have to grunt.)
She then went on to tell me that I would gross out my date and would only attract drug addicts in the future.

I made faces at her.

Evidently I took what she said VERY seriously.


Lit was a real belly jiggler today.

Ms. C sponsored a mid class snack and we all had some strange form of the giggles. Maybe because we all had food in our tummies.
nom nom nom.

Pepsi Max is yummo.

Mostly because there isn't any Pepsi taste.


Rach came by to visit and brought a chocolate milkshake for me.

You don't understand how unbelievably awesome this is.


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