Saturday, 27 February 2010

with you in me




"what for?"

"for forgiving me."


The time signature at the bottom of the post lies. It is not eleven forty three. It is actually two fifty eight in the morning. I clicked the 'new post' button just as my phone started ringing.

Obviously, I took the call.

It was a nice call. :)

THEN I finished catching up on all the tumblr I've been missing out on and just as I was about to start writing here, my right hand started to itch quite terribly. I thought it would go away and considered just writing anyway and waiting it out.
But it got to the point of being painful, which is when I took it down to see dad who then made me take Zyrtec.

It took A LOT of willpower not to call and wake you.

But I think the medicine made it better because it feels absolutely fine now.

When I was downstairs with the medication, I ate ice cream, drank milo and watched LA Ink. And now my eyelids are starting to droop.
When the show ended, I clambered up to my room, tumblred a bit more, ran through tomorrow's entire worship set and some and then got back on tumblr.

All this time I've been thinking about ways to write a pretty blog post which I DO intend on doing.

But maybe not tonight.

Because tonight, sleep will come easy.

I look forward to see you.

Take it easy,


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