Saturday, 13 February 2010

"i'm not afraid of fire, i am fire! HAIYAAAAH!"

My cousin, Braden, said that.

I think he's funny.


I got up to go to Grandma's today. We were supposed to leave the house at one.
We left at four.
Adam decided to conveniently fall asleep after playing football and so we all had to wait for him to get up. Instead of doing productive things, I spent my time watching cartoons. Do I regret it?


Before I sat down in front of the idiot box, mum sent me out to deliver stuff to out neighbours. It's a funny story. Auntie Debbie, across the street, said:

"Are you guys...going off or something?"

*confusion* *realisation* "Oh, no. Mum's just - very punctual."

"Oh. Haha. I'll do mine later and pass it to you."

"Haha. Alright. Don't worry about it. Take care."

I must explain, for those unaware, TOMORROW is the first day of New Year. So passing stuff out is not what people are concerned with yet.

The next neighbour I delivered stuff to was hesitant about letting me in. They still opened the gate for me, though. As I walked up to the front door, three generations peered at me inquisitively.

I let them stare a while before gesticulating wildly towards my house and saying,

"I'm from across the street. Sue and ManHon's house?"

"AHHHH. My, you have grown!"



I have grown, though. TALLER, I might add.

Then I idiot boxed for the better part of two hours. Yei me. :)

We hung out at Gramma's place for the majority of the waking today. It was fun. I ate a lot, I think. I am full. FULL.

It was cool seeing my cousins again. I don't have very many cousins and they all live in remote areas. They're all younger than me and full of energy, which means they get tiring after a certain point. But I still like seeing them. :)

This is Bryan. He's the newest arrival.

I want to punch him.
No, seriously, this kid is adorable.

Anyway, I got a good workout playing with him. My arms are gonna hurt tomorrow.

Chinese New Year begins tomorrow.

Have a great one.


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