Sunday, 7 February 2010


I never met anyone more capable of being a friend than you.



You know what I've discovered recently?

Honesty is appreciated.
"DUH, you idiot." I know you're all thinking.
But I honestly just realised how much difference it makes.

For example, in the past, during conversations, I'd filter what I said so that the other person would get to hear what they wanted to hear regardless of the fact I would have rather said something else.
Either that, or I'd talk about my ideas rather than what I've actually done.

When I was asked my opinion, I'd give it. But I wouldn't ever explain how I came to that conclusion.

Sure, I wasn't lying. But I wasn't being completely truthful.

Nowadays, I've caught myself being a lot more honest with the people around me.
More honest with myself.

I cannot begin to explain how at peace you become with everything else when you start being more honest.

For the first time in a long time, I can say the phrase:

"I'm happy."

And mean it to the absolute core.

And I tell you, right. That makes me feel even better.
Hope you're well.


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