Thursday, 18 February 2010

dylan the dragon


Yes. I'm totally a princess.

Haha. Eunice. Haha.

My knee is on fire. It's been hurting for a while but it's gotten worse over the past few days. Apparently it is inflamed. That makes it radiate heat as well as very very annoying. I can't climb the stairs properly or sit and stand comfortably.



Alex owned me in bowling today.
I blame my knee.

It is SO on when I'm better.

For all I know, he could still whoop my ass. But we don't know that yet.
You know, when we were younger, I used to win everything. It was kind of a given that I was better at everything we both tried because I was older and stronger and smarter.

He got used to losing to me and I refused to let him better me at ANYTHING.

But now we've both grown up and I've realised that I can't be the best at everything and that he needs his spotlight too.
And I'm perfectly okay with that.

He's a good kid.

Hope you're well.


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