Saturday, 10 July 2010

who can refuse a japanese buffet?

Tonight, my aunt took us all out to a Japanese buffet.

I would show you pictures. Except I didn't take any. Because I was too busy running around and stuffing my face with anything that would hold still for long enough.

I'm kidding of course.

Well, not about the 'no pictures' part.
Because I still don't have them.


There was this one point at dinner were I was getting back to the table with three, crispy, golden tempura prawns. As I set the plate down onto the table, my mother asked me to go get dessert for my grandma.

So obviously I set them down and went to go get the food.

I laid the waffles and ice cream down on their side of the table and happily skipped over to my side, excited about the meal waiting for me and


Because it was a BUFFET, all these servers were going around cleaning tables and what not and took my plate before I had touched anything on the plate.
I hadn't even touched it with cutlery.


Getting more wasn't the problem.
I just felt stolen from.

Moral of the story: Never EVER leave an unfinished plate unattended at a buffet. EVER.


Also, take a look at my epic win at the petrol station:

Hope you're all well.


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