Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I went on an adventcha with my dad today.

Mahm wanted me to follow him on a work related day trip to Malacca to make sure he stayed awake the whole time.
So I did.

The ride there was uneventful.
I napped in the back of the car while my dad was talking to the professor and one of his employees. They had the job of keeping him awake.
I was prepared for the journey. I had a fully charged phone, two iPods, two books and a hoodie.

We stopped at Pantai Hospital so the professor could make his presentation.
It was cool. Everyone was totally into it. I learned a couple of new things too. Skin regeneration will always fascinate, I think.

Once that was over, we headed over to Jonker Street to makan chicken rice balls and cendol and rambutans. (Dad totally shared the rambutans with random people because we had too many. :D) And though it was furnace hot outside and I had to run a marathon to find a bathroom near the Red Square, it was nice being back.


It was all happy, fuzzy, (kinda sweaty) feelings right up until it was time to get back in the car. Let me set the scene for you:

It's an open car park we are walking to. I am mentally prepared to sit in an air conditioned car from this point onwards. Dad unlocks the car and puts the key in the ignition. I open the door and get in the passenger seat. Dad turns the key.

The. car. does. not. start.


So we sweated it out in the hot Malacca sun, trying to make it work. It wasn't a battery problem. There was something wrong with the prindle.
(Prindle (PRND2L): Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, 2nd Gear [omitted], Low)

Thank goodness Razali (awesome taxi man we met when we still lived in Malacca) showed up to help us out. He didn't know how to fix it either, but he was smart and figured it out. He be cool.

That took half an hour.

We sent the other two off on their way (to Johor) and made the slow drive home.

By this time, it was five thirty.
I told dad that mahm didn't want him to stop for anything, and he was all, "What about petrol?" and I was all, "Fine, you can have petrol."
So on we went, squinting at all the signs that we passed on the highway.

I thought we were done for when we missed the first petrol station. We saw the sign for it a kilometer back, but were still on the fast lane. As we passed it, dad said calmly:

"Oh, is that it?"

I took one look out the window and saw the station. I sighed.

"Yes, that's it."

Thank goodness there was another one a short bit up ahead.
And when we stopped, I bought coffee for dad and made him drink it. Which is just as well because I ended up falling asleep when we got back to KL.
I don't know how that happened.
It was a mistake.


And then we got home alive.

Like. Flippin'. Heroes.


Hope you're all well.


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Sue Shiew said...

VERY FUNNY! Sorry I know not cool to have mum comment but can't help it. I made dad read this and he look sheepish!