Monday, 19 July 2010

i won the cinnamon challenge

The cinnamon challenge is something you challenge your friend to not with the intention to win, but with the intention to watch them squirm in discomfort.

What you do is heap cinnamon powder on a spoon (one per player), count to three and then shove it in your mouth.

Person who can hold it the longest wins.

Alex and I have already done this. We recorded the ordeal, but it wasn't as fun because we both kept it down.

Tonight, he challenged me again.
Upon spooning the stuff into my mouth, I immediately made a face. That did NOT taste like cinnamon. Determined to win, however, I just tried to swallow it as quickly as I could.

Alex threw up in the sink.

I win.

But did have slight tummy discomfort after.

Verdict: Just don't do it.

Hope you're all well.


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