Tuesday, 13 April 2010

"why didn't you blog yesterday?!"

Way not to stalk, mahm.

But you got attacked by a cockroach, so I consider you already punished.


I had a good day today.

AND I studied.

Now isn't that something?


Today, I hung out with Adam. A lot. He's kinda normal if you don't treat him like a child.

The trick is to be playful, but still intelligent-ish.


While mahm bought groceries in Cold Storage, I wheeled Adam around in a trolley just for him. Of course the first thing we did was head right for the the candy aisle.
We had a short debate about whether we should get the Oreo cakes or cookies. He won. So we got cookies. But I got to change them from the normal ones to DoubleStuf.

I'm all about compromise, people.

Then we rolled around until mahm called us to the cashier, already paying because she had assumed that we were behaving and hadn't put anything else in the cart.
We had to line up behind the lady who was midway through unloading.

There were more things in our cart like Starburst and gloves and instant coffee, so after unloading everything, I went to go put the cart back.
Adam was still in it.

You have to understand that there was a HUUUUUGE stretch of mall between the cashier and the trolley deposit area. So what I did, obviously, was I took a running start and then proceeded to rest my entire bodyweight on the handle of the cart.
We sped all the way along, passing a couple of very amused people.

As I was getting Adam out of the trolley deposit, he exclaimed:

"Hey. The Oreos are here!"

And I was all,

"Crap! D'you think mahm has finished?"

He shrugged at me.

"We have to get it back. Can I leave you here? I wanna run."

He nodded but then tried to get out of the trolley himself. That's when I realised that I had to take him with me. So this is what happened.

"Adam. Hold this. Get back in the trolley. I'm gonna run."

He did as he was told. I took a running start again.


And then she took them from us looking mildly embarrassed to be out with hooligans as we slowly rolled back to the deposit area.
I got TWO smiles from the unicef people that were standing there.

It was awesome.

And we didn't steal.


Hope you're well.


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Sue Shiew said...

I am NOT stalking you.....mua ha ha.....