Thursday, 22 April 2010

peanut butter-chocolate chunk banana ice cream


"Hey. Listen!"



Birthday week officially ended today. It was cool. I don't feel different at all. Eighteen. Pfft.

The cool thing about my birthday is that everyone was super conscious of the fact that they had to be nice to me. Haha. Loved it. Did I take advantage of the fact that most of the people I know are decent and followed the rules?

Yeah. Kinda.


Thanks to all of you who made my birthday super cool.

And a nice big sucker punch for Larkin who made me do work during the first half of MY special day.


Cool Hwip.

Only Alex understands that joke. He doesn't read my blog. I don't understand myself sometimes.


In other news, Cheryl and I were talking just now (for the first time in AGES, might I add) and we came to the conclusion that school seems pointless and that boys are snail torturers and that these past few days have been kind of sad.

No one told me about the sad part that comes along with leaving for college.

Oh yeah, I decided that I'm going to Knox this year.

I decided on my birthday.

It took me another three days to tell anyone about it.

This week, I've actually been hypersensitive just because the decision took so much out of me. I've been keeping low profile. Partially, I am excited. But I am also sad.

Talking to Cheryl about it was good. Mostly because she's going through it too, I'm sure.

I don't often describe myself as feeling 'sad'. It's usually 'annoyed', 'ticked', 'agitated' etc. But the latter bunch all contain an element of anger.
I don't.
Not now.
I accept it.

And I know I will come to enjoy this decision.




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