Thursday, 19 November 2009

who stole the Cookie from the cookie jar?



I've had a poopy day. Not a day that involved particularly large amounts of faeces, but one that I didn't really enjoy having.
I haven't talked about him before, but a while back, I came to possess an iPod nano. He had a hardshell case and his name was Cookie. I kept him in decent condition.

Today, when I went off for lunch with Cheryl, Fiface and Snargle, we all left our ridonkulously heavy bags behind in our building. As we are SO strategically placed, our building is forever away from anything that resembles food. It takes a decent trek and a half to get lunch, so we usually just leave all our crap and go.

And that's what we did.

When we got back, though, something was different. My bag was gone. All our stuff that had been tucked neatly on chairs, was scattered on the table, and my bag was gone.

Of course it was.

So began the hunt. We looked everywhere on the floor we were on and the floor above. Nothing.
Then Cheryl thought to ask one of our A-Voice photographers if he had seen the bag.

Cheryl: Hey, by any chance, have you seen a Converse bag?

(Here's where I expected the 'no, sorry'.)

Sean: *pause* Uh..yeah. Is it black?

Cheryl: Yes.

Sean: Is it white?

Cheryl: Yeeess.

Sean: Um. Yeah. It's in the boy's bathroom, KPDA, level one.

*Cheryl and I exchanged the most outrageous looks*

Cheryl and I: ..okay. Thanks.

Sean: Sure..


We made our way over, Sathish in tow, to KPDA. By this time, I was almost 100% sure Cookie was gone. The fact that it was hidden in the BOYS bathroom, MILES from where it was taken, was enough to convince me it wasn't accidental.
And if it wasn't accidental, the theif wouldn't pass up an iPod. Not when it was that easy.

We got there. The floor was empty. My bag was on a table. Someone had obviously taken it out and put it there. I walked over and reached my hand in to the front pouch where Cookie was supposed to be and my heart sunk a little when my fingers brushed up against nothing. A small part of me wanted to believe it was still an accident.

I sighed as I made the announcement,

"Yeah. It's gone."

It was a slow trudge back to our building. We thanked Sathish for tagging along and went to find the others.


It was only about two hours later, in Econs, that I discovered that they'd also taken my calculator.


Sure, I'm kind of annoyed that all this happened. I mean, who wouldn't be, right? But it's done and I can't take anything back. I didn't think it was worth being upset about. Sure, Cookie will be missed. But it's nothing that isn't replaceable.

All my notes, my books, were left in the bag. My pencil case.

I told my parents when I got home. I didn't get into trouble. It's not that my parents are so filthy rich they don't care. They just don't see the point of getting upset about it. Yes, they're probably disappointed that it happened. But what can we do?


I did tell them that I didn't want them to replace it, because I should have to deal with the consequences of being careless. I'm saving up for a new calculator too. This means more breakfast, less lunch.

I am, however, glad that it was only my stuff that the idiot took. He chose the most expensive bag without realising that the others around had more expensive iPods in them.

I'm okay to deal with this, I think.

Bye, Cookie.

Hope you fall into good hands.


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CHERYL said...

i still hope whoever did it develops herpes and hernia. because you're kinder than i am.