Tuesday, 17 November 2009

i'm drawing a freaking vagina, man

is what happens when you're friends with a med student.



I just ate a cheese sammich. I crave a cheeseburger, but because I am lazy to pick up the phone and dial McD's, I settled. It'll do.
For now.

Today, I skipped school. Why? Because Franklin won't leave me alone. He was quieter, today though. He didn't romp around in there like he owned the place, but he did see fit to clear some room.

I stayed home because I had serious backwards eating problems. It wasn't painful, though, which I am grateful for. It was just immensely inconvenient. I didn't leave the house. I couldn't leave the house.

It posed too much a threat to poor, unsuspecting toilets everywhere.


Uh, so yeah. I spent the time doing work. But I chose to do it in the comfortable squishyness (*grin*) that is my bed. Mostly because that is what is expected of you when you are home, sick. If I had it my way, I wouldn't have done work. I would have snuggled and slept. But alas, that never seems to be the case, does it?

Too bad. It rained. It was PERFECT sleep weather. But noooooo. Stupid college work. Hmph.

Aside from working and toileting, I made SNOWFLAKES.

Mum needed help making, like, a kabillion snowflakes. Sounds fun, right? 'cept mum doesn't know how to make snowflakes. She agreed to do it based on the assumption that I knew how. Once I looked it up online, I did know how.

Yei, internet!

So after a stationary store robbery with mum and grandma after dinner, the family sat down to make snowflakes. Me folding, mum cutting, dad showing off his manly-man-ness tearing three pieces of paper at once and Alex unfolding the snowflakes and failing to put them back as they were.
Yes. We are quite the team.

Snowflakes are to surprise Adam's class at school tomorrow when they get back from recess.

It's Christmas time!


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