Tuesday, 1 June 2010

good day

Adam had a drum lesson today.
He's learning how to play along to that awful Taylor Swift song.

Coincidentally, today is also the day that my Grandma is down to hang out with us.
And Adam said something that had me almost wetting my pants in the middle of the living room floor.

"When Por Por hyess (hears) me playing the Love Stolly, she will see how extreme I am."

I almost busted a gut. Isn't that bloody hilarious? I thought it was so funny that I asked him to say it again. He obliged happily. Kid thinks he's extreme. Hah. Brilliant.

This reminds me of the time I was in Year 8 and we had to come up with a product to sell for Malay class and we came up with the:

Starbucks Xtreme!

We also made some coffee and stuck it in a Starbucks cup and served it to our teacher to make it more believable. I had some of the stuff beforehand, and I tell you:
You have to be pretty darn extreme to drink THAT stuff.

It was like mud and sewer water in a cup.


Adam had his class and Alex had his little drama queen headache and everything was as it is normally in the Shiew household.

On top of allllll this, Mahm's off to Miri tomorrow.
Wheeeeee, Mahm!
She's on a mission trip, bringing VBS to a church over there. It's kind of awesome.

Have a safe trip MAHM!
Don't worry about the kids. Everything is under control. :)

I've had a good day.
The whole internet thing that happened yesterday had completely drained me completely of any energy I could have had. It's a good thing my today was rather non-demanding.

And we're back on Maxis.
Which is brilliant for me because now I get to sit at a table again. Yei.

And as Mahm so eloquently put it,

"TM can go die in a hole."

Hope you're all well.


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