Saturday, 19 June 2010

to change a lightbulb

Today, I decided was going to be the day I got off my lazy bum and change all the fused lightbulbs in my room.

There were six.

Six bulbs to change out of the EIGHT that exist in my room.

It is shameful.

I've been living with three functioning lightbulbs for at least half a year. My my, what I have done to my eyesight.
(Three because one of them fused just last night, so I included it in the number of working lightbulbs.)

And now all eight are working perfectly.

While I remain a bit dusty, sweaty and sneezy;
It had to be done.

The main light fixture in my room is ridonkulously difficult to manoeuvre and I can't reach the bathroom lights without a ladder, but despite the inconvenience of moving the ladder both up and down the stairs TWICE, I am happy that I chose to change the lightbulbs.


The lame part comes in the fact that I could not think of anything else the entire time except 'how many [...] does it take to change a lightbulb' jokes.
Which makes me stupid.


Hope you are all having a nice weekend.


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