Thursday, 3 December 2009

Kevin, Kevin, if you're able



Now the focus shifts to the production next week, college apps and worship for camp. Awesome.


My hands feel like they are freezing off. I'm gonna keep this brief.

On Tuesday, Iqa and I met an ant named Kevin. He hung out with us while we sat at the ticket booth, making sure nothing was taken. This morning, I woke up early to go into college to study for Econs.

About half an hour into my loner study session, I saw a black dot. Kevin was back. He decided to walk over my notes and onto my laptop. I let him explore. Mostly, he stayed on the laptop.
And I actually did begin to feel less lonely.
He kind of just clambered around, not disturbing me.

After a madly awesome lunch with Ms. C and the Lit gang, us Econs kids headed fearfully for room 2.5. As I was unpacking my stuff, I managed to push the desk attached to the chair I was using in a way that sent it crashing on the desk next to me.

As I started picking everything back up, I noticed there was a black spot on the white table. After a double take, I realised that my good old buddy old pal had shown up again in a time of need.

"IT'S KEVIN!" I shouted at Iqa.

Everyone else thought we were mad. *shrug* Whatever.

Kevin stuck around for the duration of the paper.

Kevin is awesome.



P.S. Reyna, you totally left a bruise. Haha. :) It's pancakes. Don't worry about it.

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