Saturday, 12 December 2009


Where am I?

I'm in the church cafeteria, sitting like a loner, hunched over a computer.


I have worship practice in an hour and didn't have the transport to come at a time closer to zero hour. Issokay though, at least I have the internet to keep me entertained.

But I'm still nodding off as I go.




Most of you who know me personally know that this week was the week the production I was involved in was staged. That would also explain why I haven't been posting anything for a while. Bump in was on Monday at ten and bump out was today at nine. The time in between was spent running around, carrying heavy things, sweating and sometimes, maybe, catching a breath.

This week was also the week that I needed to finish writing all my application essays. Cheryl did too, so we stayed up on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to finish up with them. The deal was to stay up till four, sleep and get up at eight to get into college. It worked marvellously for the three days. But on Wednesday, my body couldn't take it anymore and started breaking down.

My nose went bonkers and I could barely keep my eyes open. Rach managed to save me by bringing Panadol when she came to watch the show.

The few hiccups that happened during the first show were eradicated during the second. The hiccups during the second, were terminated for the third. After working non-stop for days in a row, it was amazingly satisfying to see everything unravel.

I am exhausted.

But it's a happy kind of exhausted.

I'm probably going to miss being locked in that auditorium from ten to ten everyday.


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