Wednesday, 6 July 2011

doodle discrepancy

The guitar riff for the song Lord, I Need You.


A conversation about beer in Spanish. Mostly.

me: nom nom nom (nom nom nom)
cheryl: ew (ew)
cheryl: no me gusta cerveza (i don't like beer)
cheryl: es mal (it's bad)
me: es delicioso (it's delicious)
me: i only know that word because Dora's backpack taught it to me

Good old Dora the explorer and her animate belongings.


Also, the other day I was looking at the doodle wall at one of Adam's drawings of football players.

They don't really look like people though they have distinguishable arms and legs and helmets. Looking at his drawings and then at mind of cartoons that look like the actual things they represent would lead one to say that my drawings are better than his.

But think about it. The only reason one would say that is because we are told that things are supposed to look a certain way and that a good drawing is one that captures that.

We are conditioned to think that way.

Adam's art on the wall is no less representative than mine.
But is more imaginative.

I'm glad he was brought into my life at the time that he was.
I learn from him everyday.

Hope you're well.


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