Saturday, 12 September 2009

of rollers and coasters


The air conditioning unit in my room refuses to work. I am quite upset at it. Temperatures lately have not been kind, and I already have a very low tolerance for heat. This is NOT working for me.
Isokay, though. Sometime next week, someone will come fix it and everything will be right again in the world.

On the list of this week's achievements, we have the christening of our vacuum cleaner.

Everyone, meet Trevor:

He's super cool. The only thing about him that I have a problem with is that, more often than not, he rolls over my foot or scrapes my heel.
I forgive him, though, because he's the reason my friends don't die of dust allergies when they visit my room. It's a big room that NEEDS Trevor.

Trevor is cool and all, but he isn't the reason I was inspired to appear tonight. Something else happened. Something epic.

Tonight, being a Saturday, was go out for dinner night for the family. We decided to go for Korean food in Tropicana City Mall.
Heh. Actually, we decided to go to Tropicana City Mall, then decided to eat Korean food.

The food was decent, and I was satisfied. The guy who brought us our bill (henceforth referred to as Coolwaiterguy) cheerfully asked how the food was and apologised for the lacking service. (It was a busy night, and most of the waiters were consistently occupied.) I thought it was pretty cool of him to say that.
To recognise bad service, you'd have to know what good service is in the first place.


Alex left the restaurant first, claiming he needed to 'get out of there'. I followed a bit behind. I saw Coolwaiterguy standing by the cash register. The conversation went pretty much like this:

Coolwaiterguy: *nods and smiles*

Me: *grins back*

Coolwaiterguy: Thank you.

Me: Thanks. (because I felt that 'you're welcome' or anything of the sort was an awkward response.)

Coolwaiterguy: *turns towards counter*

Me: *continues walking*

Coolwaiterguy: *turns back* Here, a present for you. *hands me two coasters*

Me: *takes them* Cool. Thanks!

Coolwaiterguy: They're coasters.

Me: Awesome!

I gave him another huge smile and walked out eager to brag to Alex about the awesomeness that is my life.

I have new coasters!

I don't know if this is something that happens to everyone that goes in and out of there, but I was the only one in my family who received a pair and that was enough to make me feel pretty darn special.

It just made my day that little bit more awesome.


Hope you're all well.


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Mariel Nonis said...

Hmm, I'd like to be friends with that coolwaiter guy. you should visit more often and form an acquaintance. so cool how ppl can bless others no matter what job they're doing.