Monday, 26 May 2008

Who Are You?

I'm back for another entry. :)

I'm thirsty...nevermind. I'll go look for fluids later.

Today's topic? A frequent question that many people ask each other and more often, themselves. It's kind of difficult to answer the question don't you think? It takes time to figure out something like this. Like a super long and complicated math problem. You can only figure it out if you add certain things, multiply a few and take away other parts, most likely making mistakes along the way.

You always hear that life is about finding yourself. I agree, but only to an extent. Throughout your life, you discover new things about yourself. You grow out of things and you grow into other things. It's just how it all works.

But if you think about it, don't you think it's more about creation? You make yourself who you are. Other people can affect that, but in essence, it's all up to what you do. What you choose to do with that. Someone can do something horrible to you. What are you gonna do about it? Cry about it and blame the world? You could choose to, or you could choose to learn something from the experience and take the lesson with you.

I, for one, have mostly learned by making mistakes. Lots of them. If you know me personally, you'd probably know what I'm talking about. I'm the sort of person who just does things. Impulsive. Some say it's a bad thing, others say not so. Again, it's just up to what you prefer. I don't mind being spontaneous like that. It gets me into trouble sometimes, but involves less thinking. ;)

Of course I'm not always impulsive. I do have the capacity to think before making an important decision. And I usually do. Especially when the consequences of making a bad decision are more than I want to deal with.

I'll share a bit about why I think I enjoy the spontaneity of my actions. I live for the moments in life when you just feel ALIVE. Do you know what I mean? When you burn with a fire that just can't be put out. Sometimes, you can breathe. At other times, you don't want to. It's when you are just filled with emotions. It's a rush. A rush, that I live for.

That is something I've discovered about myself. You can argue that 'that's something you found out about yourself, you didn't make it happen'. I agree. It is something that I can't change about myself. The rush is not something that I can replace.

There are things that you can't change about yourself. Certain parts of your life that you just can't change. For example, you can't change your family, your age, time or who you love. You may be able to lie to yourself and pretend that you can change these things, but in all truth, you can't. In the end, it all remains the same.

What you CAN change, however, is you attitude about it. Instead of blaming it on the injustice of the world, you can decide to look at it all differently. Choose to see the good in the situation. There's always some good in a situation. Even if it's learning a lesson the hard way. Don't gimme all that crap about 'but it's not my faultttt...'. If you see like that, it probably is.

Throughout our lives, we sculpt ourselves. (I'm not talking physically.) Consciously or not, we make choices that change things about ourselves, we discover things about ourselves that we were not aware of before and we become what we are.

Course, all this comes with a lot of reflection. You have to see yourself the way others see you. You mature emotionally. Once you become aware of yourself, you know what you want and you are able to make better decisions based on what is best for you as a person.

I am a big believer in being sure of who you are as a person. Being aware of where you stand. It's really important. You become confident in yourself. You can answer the question. You finally know who you are. Essentially, you become whole.

It's fulfilment. You can claim to have lived your life. Really lived it. Even if it doesn't last very long.

Living life to the fullest takes on a new meaning.

Willing to take it on?

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