Sunday, 25 May 2008

On My Playlist: That's What You Get - Paramore

Who's heard this blaring on MTV??

Mostly, it's just everyone who happens to flip to that channel. It's at it's most frequently played level right now. Either that, or it's nearing it.

The song is great to listen to. (You know what I mean right? It's like, one of THOSE songs that you have to bop or tap your foot to.)

By the lyrics, you can tell it's really not supposed to be a happy song. It's presentation may be deceiving. It sounds fun, sounds entertaining, but if you listen to the'll realise that maybe it's not so happy.

Don't get me wrong, I think the song is great and deserves as much, if not more, attention than it's getting. Paramore is an awesome band. They all seem to have their heads screwed on straight and make good music. What's not to love?

So yeah, if you live under a rock, or don't have a tv or have lost the remote, here's the music vid for the song. What are you waiting for?


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