Sunday, 16 September 2007


I'm baaaack!

Wow. What an experience. It's something that I'm not gonna forget in a while, especially since I'm planning to go every time the opportunity arises. THAT'S RIGHT. I would willingly go again just to raise that money again and to let the kids have clean water for a year. Can you believe it? By skipping those meals, each of us saved enough money to supply one child with one years worth of clean water.

For those of you who are clueless about the 30 hour famine, I'll give you a quick run down on how it works. Basically all the participants are required to raise a minimum of RM 100 (for students/senior citizens) or RM 150 (for everyone else). We then have to show up on the day and fast for thirty hours. That means we go without solid food for thirty hours. (Everything that is not water counts as solid food.) To occupy us, slide shows, talks and short video clips are played. It's a real eyeopener. Especially for you ungrateful people who take things for granted.

I learned a lot from the speakers and the experience in general. I didn't think I would feel hungry, and quite honestly didn't until the last few hours. No pain, no gain right? I think the huger did me good. It probably did the some for the other people who went. Then again, NO ONE that attended would ever know what those people go through. What we did was easy. You know why? Because we knew that after the 30 hours, we'd get food. It was guaranteed. The kids in China and Africa have NO IDEA when their next meal is going to be.

I'd definitely encourage people to participate next year. What is there to lose? Nothing. You won't even lose weight because you'd probably go and stuff yourselves with food once you leave. (I don't recommend this though, as you'd up chuck it soon later, not pleasant.) Hypoglycemia is just another obstacle. Don't let it stand in your way, they have to go through it too. :) You know who you are.

The company was good too. I had a really good time with you guys (in alphabetical order as to not disappoint):
- Anuj
- Hari
- Jessica
- Kiran
- Lesley
- May Al-Merry
- May Lee
- Saskia
- Seo Hee
- Suraj

Apologies to the two Mays who had to have their full names mentioned. :) It's not my fault you have the same first name.

It was one of the best camps I've been to. The next time I go, I'm definitely raising more money and bringing more people. AHHHHHHHH! *rubs stomach* But I've broken fast and now have another year to prepare myself for the camp.


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