Friday, 6 August 2010

calamity magnet


You may have noticed that I have not been writing here as often as I usually do.

That's attributed to two things.

I was busy. :)

On the last day in Perth, I closed the car door on the ring finger of my right hand.

This is kinda how it went down.

I was sleeping in the car on the way to Woolworths because I was recovering from a short night of rest.

Groggily, I got out of the car when we pulled into the parking lot.

And then

And of course everyone wanted to know what happened.

But I was in too much pain to talk.

So we rushed over to the pharmacy to go see if they had instant ice packs.
Which they did.

But none of them would work.

So I had no choice but to hang out in a cup-o-ice and water.

And my day was kind of ruined.
But then I got home and was given a tiger print plaster to keep my finger protected.
And then my day was better.


My finger is healing. Slowly. I'm going to go re-dress it right after I post this.
And I'm fine. It's just just slightly inconvenient to write and type and play the piano.


Hope you're all well.


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