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Dare To Be Different

Okay. I have an inspired post. Thank you Lesley for getting the machinery up and running again. I would have just answered it, but I feel it ties into this new topic. So I figured, why not? And here I am.


Let's GO!

What's the difference between the words 'trend' and 'uniform'? I'll look it up for you:

trend (n) : the general course or prevailing tendency

uniform (n) : an identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organization, or rank.

Okay, so now we see that they have different meanings. Follow me closely as I explain the next part. It may get confusing.

Teenagers hate blending in, correct?


When they hear the words 'you'll have to wear this uniform', they will make a face and sulk a bit. Generally, teenagers and, in some cases, young adults, don't want to wear uniforms. They make fun of uniforms, and ridicule anyone in one. Why? Because we are at a stage in our lives when uniforms mean blending in. And NO ONE wants to blend in.

But now, I present you with a different situation.

"Wow, look at her/him! She/He's always up to date with the latest trends." I wish I could be like her/him.

Now, tell me the difference.

You're right.

There isn't one.

People are so concerned with trying to STAND OUT, that they begin blending into the background. Who are the kids in school that really get noticed by everyone? Not the popular kids. They're the ones with their pants pulled up to their necks and speech impediments.

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with that whatsoever. I'm making a point. The point is, that the people who stand out the most are the ones that pay no attention to fitting in. They have better things to do with their time.


Icon breakdown:

At first glance, the icon is telling us something that we think we all know already. You're all probably thinking, 'DUHHH. Stop stating the obvious. We know we are meant to stand out.'


Do you?

Because speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that most of you (that I know) are doing a great job of making yourself fade into the background. It's not an accusation. Merely an observation. Let me explain.

It is human nature to want to be accepted. No one wants to be an outcast. A simple example of trying to fit in, is laughing at a joke even when it isn't funny to you. Other people might honestly find it hilarious, but to you, it doesn't even make you want to smile. You laugh anyway.

It's easier.


In this day and age, peer pressure is a big issue. The world seems to have these expectations of you that we are all obliged to follow. Be wary. Tread carefully.

If you are at this point in the post, still thinking, 'Yeah, I know that I stand out', and a giving yourself a list of things that make you stand out, I beg you to stop deflecting my words and at least give it a thought.

There is no shame in being wrong. (Contrary to popular belief...)

You have to interpret the meaning of 'fitting in' as 'being accepted'. See, no one should have to do something to be accepted. You just have to be as you are and have people accept you for that.

Look at it this way:

Remember playing with Play-Doh as a kid? There was this little device that turned a lump of Doh into stringy spaghetti thingies when you squeezed it. You'd take a clump of Doh out the tub, put it in the squeezy thing and watch in amazement as the noodles came out the other end.

What if you tried reversing the process? If you tried taking the clump, splitting it, and rolling the Doh to make noodles to try and force it into the squeezy thing? Doesn't that sound utterly ridiculous?

It's the same thing with fitting in. If you have to force yourself to be something you're not, (ie. forcing oddly shaped noodles into a squeezy thing) then you are going to end up as a messy lump of nothing on the floor. But if you just be who you are and as you are, you will change to be whatever it is you are meant to be.

These are simple facts.

And that brings me to answering Lesley's question, which I will quote exactly:

'I like this topic. Good choice. As the Devil's advocate, it is my duty to ask you, how about the box that is pretty AND contains valuables safely. Are they seen as the glass box due to theirappearance? If people are catergorized and judged as simply vain and superficial or plain but accomplised, how about those in between? There are many girls out there who are pretty and superficial but also has a head on their shoulders and acutally uses it. What happens to them?'

Nothing happens to them.

The point of my last entry was that what really gives a person their value is what lies on the inside.

I didn't say anything about being judged as 'vain and superficial' or 'plain and accomplished'.

What I did say, however, was that relying on looks to get you places is a stupid thing to do.

Maybe it's because I didn't carry the message across quite clearly enough, but the fact that you are still asking about looks shows me that there was a communication error somewhere along the line.

I was trying to stress the point that being more focused on your inner beauty and growth is FAR more important than making sure your hair is absolutely perfect with no strand out of place. See, if you are actually grounded and have given yourself value, thoughts of being physically attractive do not come to mind.

Yes, it's great to look good on the outside. Why? Because when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, there is an air of confidence around you. But when you can walk around with that air of confidence when you have mustard all over your shirt and a wet patch on your crotch, THEN you know you are worth something.

It's a bit extreme, but I think it needs to be taken there.

If you have been blessed with good looks, good for you. But know that they are gonna run out eventually and you'll be left with what's on the inside. Make sure it's what you want there.

I find, that the more you are yourself and stay true to that, the more people like you. It's natural for people to gravitate toward those that have no inhibitions and are genuine.

I know for a fact that I am more drawn to people who can laugh at themselves.

If people don't like you, that's their own problem.

Be yourself, and those who are meant to find you, will.

Dare to be different.

You're the only one stopping you.


Thanks for reading. Hope this answered the question Lers. If you, or anyone else has a question, drop it in the tagbox.


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